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Windows XP Pro Licensing limits?

I have a 6- year old Dell desktop that I'd like to replace with a new Dell, but I don't want Vista. I have the original install discs for XP Pro. Will I be able to install XP Pro on another desktop? How many times can this be done?

Thanks!Windows XP Pro Licensing limits?
Exactly what cherria said. As long as you are only using it on ONE computer, then Microsoft will be off your back.Windows XP Pro Licensing limits?
You can install XP for as long as you like, although Microsoft will stop supporting it at some point i,e they will stop issuing security patches.

In terms of installing it on a new machine, you can do this as many times as you buy a new machine provided you remove it from the old one you are selling or junking. i.e. one version of XP can only be operational on one machine at a time.
they do have a limit on how many times you can use but i dont know how many times. im thinking i used mine somewhere around 10 to 12 times and it gave me a message that it has been used to many times

Laptop/Notebook XP HDD upgrade?

I have a Packard Bell Laptop/Notebook PC with Windows XP installed. It has the Vista Transformation Pack 6 %26amp; Samurize installed. It runs really slow (even though these themes take up very little cpu power, total cpu power is usually about 17% used %26amp; ram about 60% even with a ram usage forcer app) %26amp; video capturing even before these themes were installed was choppy. So I'm guessing that it's the hdd that makes things slow. I think it has a 5200rpm hdd, I want to upgrade it to a 7200rpm or faster hdd. How would I do this? I have a dvd with lall the Windows XP files on it including the I386 folder %26amp; I have a non-microsoft boot disc. I re-installed Widnows XP on the original HDD, so how difficult would it be to install it on a new one. Could I just format it via usb in windows xp %26amp; copy all the files over from the bootdisc, then plug the hdd in replacing the original one? would this work?Laptop/Notebook XP HDD upgrade?
No, you'd need a transfer kit to transfer the files over to the new hard drive, simply copying the folders over WILL NOT work. That being said, Newegg has just the thing, this will transfer your existing installation and make it bootable on the new drive then all you have to do is swap them out, put the old drive in the enclosure and you can use it as external storage if you want. Boot from the included CD and follow the directions.

That being said, I doubt the hard drive is responsible (in whole) for the choppiness and it couldn't hurt to scan for spyware, viruses, run the disk cleaner and defrag the drive. After you've done that I'd look at your specs... how much memory do you have (1GB should be adequate for what you are doing), how fast and what type processor do you have (if it's not a Pentium M, Pentium 4, Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processor of at least 1.6GHz then you're in trouble) and lastly for the video capture what kind/type of video device are you using and do you have a dedicated video card, if you don't have a dedicated video card, I would almost expect these types of problems.

It's probably a combination of things that are making it slow, the hard drive is probably not one of them but you can try, it doesn't hurt to try. But keep in mind what I said.

Yeah, in addition to the hard drive I would get more memory, 192MB isn't a lot to work with, especially if you are running this stuff under XP. More memory, faster hard drive and I think you should be all set.

It sounds to me that you might have 256MB of memory with 64MB of that going to some kind of integrated graphics (correct me if I am wrong) either that or you have 64MB + 128MB memory modules (which is an odd combination). Either way you will want to get at least 512MB of memory though 1GB would be highly preferred.Laptop/Notebook XP HDD upgrade?
honestly, your best bet would be to just purchase a new cpu, because if you upgrade one thing, then it wont run well with the others, just get a new cpu
check if it is the power settings , when using the battery low performance, when using the plug power high performance. Upgrading the hdd wont do alot , upgrade the ram. Put more ram storage, if can a faster ram speed or just change to a faster cpu just like what the dude just said.
The Harddrive is always the slowest thing on a computer and although a 7200rpm would speed things up it may not be the issue. The only way your processor would be the issue is if the program requires a faster speed, but I doubt that this is the issue.

(As a opposed to the answer above).

By the sounds of it you are running near the upper limits of your RAM. Running at 60% is that everything or just that program? Either way you need more RAM.

It sounds like this issue may be graphic related. If the graphics are too intense for your video card that would definitely slow you down because the RAM and HD have to take over.

I seriously doubt that this is Hard drive related. But unless you are confident in your abilities to break open a laptop to swap out the HD, I would take it to a shop.
Thats a little tricky. First off, you can not upgrade the CPU in a laptop, especially a Packard Bell. PB is notorious for manufacturing junk computers that have little or no upgrade capability due to all the proprietary parts they use. The hard drive is the one part whose speed has little or no impact on overall operating speed. Your problem is related to CPU power and system RAM. If I had to guess, you probably have a Cyrix or Celeron based system, with 128MB or so of RAM. A RAM upgrade would definitely help. However, if your CPU is weak, it won't help that much.

To answer the rest of your question, no you can not take the files off the DVD and copy them to a new hard drive and make it work. you MAY be able to clone the old hard drive onto a new one, but even that doesn't work all the time, especially if the new hard drive is a larger capacity than the old one because the geometry is different. The best way to upgrade the HD is to install the new one and just install a fresh copy of XP on it. You will have to reinstall all of your programs, but believe me.. It will run better. Windows tends to need to be reinstalled every 6 months or so. You can then get a USB enclosure for your old HD and plug it in, then transfer your files/music/videos over to the new one. (note, this will NOT work for your programs.. they must be reinstalled from the original disc or setup file).

My advice though is to scrap that PB hunk of crap and buy a Dell or IBM. Toshiba's good too.

D-link DIR-628 Rangebooster N Dual Band Router won't work with my acer 5620Z laptop running with windows Vista?

Bought the router to replace the old one. all three of the other laptops work with it. They are an Acer 5620 using windows XP, Acer 5315 using windows Vista, and an Acer Aspire 5532 with windows 7. When I try to connect with the one that doesnt work, it recognizes that there is a signal, and attempts to connect for approximately one second. Then it says that it can't connect. and that it may be due to timeout or user action.

Does anyone know how to fix this??D-link DIR-628 Rangebooster N Dual Band Router won't work with my acer 5620Z laptop running with windows Vista?

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No Folder Icons..(System 32 Problem I Think)?

Hey i'm on windows vista home premium - service pack 1..

I've been having this really annoying problem for over 2 months and no one at my old forum knew how to help me.

I think it's a system 32 related problem, but not totally sure.

A while back, i was fiddling around with programs like mycolors (a desktop customization program) and my folder icons got changed during the process - like permanately. I tried right clicking folders and going to customize and setting the folder image to defaults but it never worked. After a while of nothing working I tried replacing my imageres.dll in system32. My friend, who had also has windows vista uploaded his imageres.dll

I tried just replacing his with mine but windows wouldn't let me. Imageres.dll is the file that controls folder icons appearance right? He also gave me a copy of his shell32.dll. So, I downloaded this thing called BartPE that let me run a weird XP based OS off of a cd. Not all of it was in english so i couldn't read some things but i knew what i was doing for the most part. While running that, i was able to replace my imageres.dll w/ a good copy, but i got an error message (in some weird language) when i tried to replace my shell32. Still my problem is not solved. And on top of that, for some odd reason, my desktop wallpaper doesn't show up when i first turn the computer on, i have to re-apply it everytime. this started happening around when i first started using this dock called rocket dock on my desktop.

idk, what else to do..? I'm actually willing to install a fresh copy of either xp or vista, but would i lose all my files? is there an easy way to start fresh and keep your programs, files, etc.?


also thought i'd mention that i'm running windows blinds (changes appearance of OS) but this never gave me any problems..No Folder Icons..(System 32 Problem I Think)?
Don't be a jerk to yahoo answers (your question after this) . People here are generally good at computers, but you will not get a ton of help for questions that are pages long as well. I suggest uninstalling windows blinds as it is a system hook application and therefore has control over more things then you do. If you are attempting to save the operating system you have in place then you will need to use a live cd os to replace those files (linux distros are fine as most support ntfs file systems). Windows blinds being misconfigured/erroneous is a good explination of all your errors here. The more things that you have run on startup the weirder everything gets. If rocket dock also contains a system hook then it might just be a stupid application.

Solution: get linux.

How Do I Get My Windows Vista Back?

I bought an HP desktop m9100z a few months ago with Windows Vista Home Premium x64 factory installed. I didn't like it cause it was giving me problems. So I took it off and then replaced it with Windows XP Home not realizing how much more problems I would then gain. I can't use most of my hardware due to XP Home. I still have the sticker on which my KeyCode for Vista is still printed. I don't want to go buy a whole new OS DVD and I don't have the money for it. Is there any way I can either download the stuff I need to BURN to a DVD?? Or maybe some way I could get a free disk??

**Please remember that I DO have the KeyCode for the OS**How Do I Get My Windows Vista Back?
I never received a vista reinstall CD so you probably have to give the company a call and they will send it to you depending on your warranty status, I got em back because I messed up on making the burn cds with my computer, I had an hp and it gives you a window that pops up to tell you that you need to make reinstall cds with your own cds that you have to buy. I screwed it up so they just sent me new ones.How Do I Get My Windows Vista Back?
No need to order a new disk if ur computer came with the ';Windows vista upgrade anytime'; disk....that disk includes full versions of all vista's

here's a little guide on how to do it, good luck :D

your computer should have come with a restore disk if not you can borrow your friends disk.

if you cant do either unfortunately your going to have to purchase it again

Hope i helped

Could you give us more computer specs? Also you may be able to contact HP for another operating system disk, when I needed one they only charged me 15 bucks.

Sharing between Linux and Windows help?

I am running Ubuntu Linux on this pc and I have Windows Vista on another pc. I have a printer connected to my linux OS pc, and I want to be able to use the printer with the windows vista computer also. Neither computers really detect eachother, except when I go to the printers on windows vista it says my printer name and it says its located on my computer name, but it says 'offline' and it won't work, i think it might just still be there from when i used to have windows XP installed on this computer before i replaced XP with Ubuntu. please help i just want to know how to use a printer over LAN, i heard about samba but i'm still trying to figure out how to install it, i only installed Ubuntu 2 or 3 days ago so i am really new to linuxSharing between Linux and Windows help?

This link will tell you how to set up the printer using samba.
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  • Vista Computer Can't See Workgroup Computers?

    I have a Vista PC connected to a Linksys Router. We had a D-Link router, which I replaced about a year ago. We had no problems with the new router until we moved to another state with a new ISP. Now we have the following symptoms:

    -my laptop and my kids' computer (both running XP) cannot see the Vista computer

    -the Vista computer cannot see the XP computers

    -both XP computers can see each other and can connect to the internet.

    -all 3 computers can ping each other

    Firewalls are all turned off, and we aren't running any anti-virus, so this is not the problem. I think it may have something to do with the assigned IPs. Vista computer is The XP computers are and (notice the difference in the third bracket of numbers) If I go to ipconfig on the XP computers, it says:

    connection-specific DNS suffix: (this is our OLD ISP before we moved)

    Can anyone shed some light on this? How can I get all of my computers to ';see'; each other for the purpose of file sharing? Thanks.Vista Computer Can't See Workgroup Computers?
    I am not trying to make you mad but you need to get someone you know to help you set up the preferences to enable the file sharing on all computers, so it will work.

    It isn't as simple as just making a few clicks on the computer.Vista Computer Can't See Workgroup Computers?
    In the vista computer, select the network as home network and enable network discovery, file sharing etc.
    You have a sharp eye for spotting that difference in the IP addresses. Actually, I'm a little surprised that it's working as well as you say it is. Are you sure that the is accurate? That's the default address for a LinkSys router. Maybe you read it off of the ';gateway'; line on that computer.

    You could try:


    on the Vista computer. Try that first; it's easy, and won't hurt anything.

    But I'm thinking that running the ';new connection wizard'; might be a better solution, on all three computers.